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Developing Leaders

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11 OCTOBER 2024

80 Seats

Limited Availability

Host & Facilitator

Gary Gopinathan

A transformative
1-day experience.

Be inspired & equipped as you deepen your influence.


Prepare to experience fresh ideas, actionable concepts, heartfelt inspiration, and learn from diverse global leaders sharing practical insights to support you in your leadership growth.


Each year, the GLS gathers hundreds of thousands of curious, growth-minded, change-driven women and men like you from over 110 countries!

Now is the time to invest in your leadership development.

Why Attend?

Your influence impacts those around you every day—for better or worse, in both big and small ways. During a season that may have depleted your energy, stunted your growth or left you in the dark, it’s time to rediscover a new hope for your future in order to amplify the positive difference you can make.

Your leadership matters. When you invest in developing your leadership skills, you also give back to everyone around you. You strengthen your relationships, build trust in your team, innovate toward a better future and face challenges head-on with fresh perspective—not only do you thrive, but your family, business, church and community thrives!

For more than 25 years, The Global Leadership Summit has delivered leadership insights with attendees reporting positive outcomes (based on independent research by Excellence in Giving).

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